Workshops and Training

We provide workshops and training.

Often, organizations are looking for something more specifically focused on their unique challenges than any “DIY” model or tools currently available for free or low cost can provide on their own. Even after organizations already have signed up for or are starting to utilize helpful technology tools, they can be unsure about how to get the most from those tools.

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Ultimately, tools need to free up human time in order to be productive. There is typically some learning curve, after which the new tool creates more value than learning it requires. Sometimes it is a challenge to go from acquiring the tools to using them optimally throughout an organization.

As part of Resourceful Nonprofit’s (formerly Free Tech for Nonprofits) mission work, and as an earned revenue strategy that supports our efforts to get important technology tools to as many nonprofits as possible, we offer several options for customized training, workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements to interested organizations.

If you are looking for training or certifications related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we have a partnership with the Racial Justice Institute to help. Simply click here to contact us for details.

We value our nonprofit colleagues and understand how important in-person or custom online training sessions can be.

If you are looking for a custom workshop, seminar, training, or speaking engagement that provides thoughtful specific guidance about how your nonprofit can acquire and utilize free or low-cost technology tools, we can help.

We are mindful of budget considerations, so these sessions are on a sliding scale.

Please contact us with what type of challenge(s) you are trying to solve, or the type of knowledge you are wanting to share, and we will create a customized program quote for you.

Thank you!

Click Here to Contact Us About Workshops, Seminars, Training, or Speaking Engagements

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