Free Diverse & Inclusive Images – Photos, Video

There are a number of free photo and video resources for nonprofits, and the information from TechSoup below highlights some great options.

But first, a quick note about diversity and inclusion in imagery. For anyone without a specific diversity background, it can be very easy to simply select images that capture the idea of content or a message, without intentionally considering whether the images convey the inclusive, diverse feeling of your nonprofit, its board of directors, its staff, and its clients.

Below are things to consider regarding diversity of all types.

John Hopkins Diversity Wheel from

Be mindful of conveying diversity of all types in imagery, including considering:

  • Who is placed in a position of authority in group photos
  • Whose arms and hands are holding things
  • Suggested status, authority, knowledge, etc.
  • Suggested family dynamics
  • Specific (non-inclusive) religious imagery vs. inclusive seasonal
  • Not perpetuating stereotypes
  • Diverse body types
  • Disabilities
  • Age

Ask a diverse team of people to review your website and materials to see what they project.

For free image resources as well as how and when you have permission to use images, the TechSoup article, Finding and Using Images for Your Nonprofit, has many valuable options.