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Artificial intelligence (AI) fuels Siri, self-driving cars, language translation, and an incredible number of things we now take for granted daily. And it is getting smarter and more helpful every day! Are you wondering how artificial intelligence can help nonprofits? Or how using AI can free up human time and decrease burnout for nonprofit staff? Perhaps you want to know how AI can automate routine tasks, increase efficiency in nonprofit intake processes, help your nonprofit leverage data for more effective fundraising, or you have questions about how tools like chatbots can increase productivity and engagement?

NTEN has a recent guide, Nonprofits and Artificial Intelligence: A Guide, written by Allison Fine and Beth Kanter, that showcases many of the use cases your nonprofit might be able to use.

Resourceful Nonprofits know that emerging technologies like AI are valuable to helping nonprofits become the diverse and inclusive organizations they want to be, and AI can help them ultimately be nonprofits where equity is a way of life. Be sure to think about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) when considering, designing, and implementing any AI tools. Here is a helpful whitepaper from IBM on some things to consider. One critical factor is to try to include a diverse set of people on any committees or project teams, including members of the community the tool is intended to help.

Looking for AI for Impact Ideas? Check out Google’s AI Impact Report:

One area of artificial intelligence/AI for Good that nonprofits can take advantage of now is AI chatbots.

How can nonprofits use chatbots? Here are a few ways Bots for Charity notes.

Get more donations and raise more money.
Measure shareholder happiness.
Help more people.

Bots for Charity, by Mind Heroes and Direct Relief, has created very sophisticated free nonprofit templates for chatbots – which help answer routine questions or frequently asked questions/FAQs, automatically on Facebook.

If your nonprofit already has a Facebook page, it only takes a few steps and about an hour to set up. There is a modest cost, which can usually be recouped easily by saving just 1-2 hours of staff time per month (or less) currently spent answering questions by phone or email. Many more hours of staff time can be saved depending on your volume of inquiries.

Check them out here to learn more!

Bots for Charity – AI chatbots for nonprofits.

Check back often for updates in this fascinating emerging nonprofit technology arena of artificial intelligence/AI for impact. You can also keep up with current trends on Beth Kanter’s blog here.

Interested in other emerging technology for nonprofits, like blockchain? You can find research, white papers, and more information about emerging technology use cases for nonprofits and social impact on our site here.

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