You’ve heard all the buzz about blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) recently. But do they apply to the nonprofit sector? Do you need to pay attention? Can blockchain help nonprofits, and create positive social impact?

Yes! Both of these technologies are shifting the way impact is created, tracked, and measured for nonprofits and social enterprises alike.

Blockchain is especially interesting because it enables many things that were simply not technically possible before. So, blockchain might hold the key to solving a problem your nonprofit has been wanting to solve for many years, when the technology simply wasn’t there – but now it is. The resources below might inspire ideas or solutions.

Resourceful Nonprofit supports the efforts of blockchain for good, and does work around reducing bias in AI and blockchain as well as other diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work in the STEM and technology spaces.

The latest research from the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Center for Social Innovation is featured in the new report, “Blockchain for Social Impact 2019.” There are more than 100 active, live applications of blockchain for impact solutions already in 2019.

Fast Company featured a great analysis by Breaker Magazine of the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Center for Social Innovation white paper below, for 2018.

Stanford’s Blockchain for Social Impact: Moving Beyond the Hype features 73 existing use cases for blockchain for social good, nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprise.


It can also be found in full here. In the article, 73 different use cases (as of 2018) of blockchain can be found for inspiration.

Blockchain is one are of technology that has quite literally enabled things to happen that simply weren’t possible before blockchain existed. This is an emerging technology already having true positive social impact, that is expected to launch more and more social good and social impact opportunities for nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprises alike in coming years.

(I speak often on the topics of blockchain for impact, AI for impact, and other nonprofit technologies for impact… if you enjoy presentations you can find many, featuring examples and use cases, here.)

Stay tuned and check back often for the latest.

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