How to Request Free or Discounted Nonprofit Pricing for Technology

Nonprofit technology providers typically have clear pricing outlined on their websites, often with free trials, and free or low-cost options for smaller organizations. Many others don’t.

When looking at technology in general, special discounts for nonprofits aren’t always prominently displayed on the site, or require contacting the provider. It can be helpful to search, “XYZ provider nonprofit discounts,” or to search on the organization’s website for nonprofit discounts directly. Often, though, nonprofit discounts are available but hard to find or aren’t standard available options in the preset online memberships.

To that end, you can copy and paste the following into an email (be sure to change the provider and nonprofit names accordingly), then send it to the email listed on the contact page for any product or service before signing up.  Because you never know unless you ask!  And many times, there is some type of discount or a free version available for any registered 501(c)3 – even if you are the first person to ask.

You may need to provide your EIN (easily findable online by searching your organization name + EIN) or 501(c)3 IRS form on their website or in a follow-up email, but it is not always required.


Dear [Amazing Technology Provider],

Your technology looks really helpful!  Our nonprofit organization, [Incredible Nonprofit], is interested in potentially using it.  We were wondering what kind of discounts or complimentary versions might be available as a 501(c)3. 

Could you please let me know?

Thank you!

[Diligent, Cost-Conscious, and Resourceful Nonprofit Person]


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