Business Process Optimization

Nonprofits pride themselves on getting a lot done with very few resources.

And with some simple tweaks, many current tedious processes in any nonprofit can potentially be streamlined to unleash more resources, like time.

Business process optimization (BPO) for nonprofits, also known as business process management (BPM) for nonprofits, is the practice of reviewing current processes or ways of doing business across various areas of operations that can potentially be partially or fully automated so that more human time can be freed up for higher-level things. BPO or BPM for nonprofits is a way to help your staff use automation to get more done, faster, with less stress, and fewer repetitive (boring) tasks. Optimization can increase time for things like talking to donors, documenting your amazing success stories, creating more volunteer events, and much more. Essentially, if there’d something fun, interesting, or useful that you or your staff would rather be doing instead of rote tasks, BPO/BPM helps free up the time to do those things.

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